Medical Technology

High-tech ceramics through tradition and innovation

Quality without compromises

Ceramics have proven to be a first-class material for medical technology, not least thanks to its extraordinarily high strength and excellent bio-compatibility.
In the field of endoprosthetics, ceramics has got its firm place. With the initial introduction of high-purity aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide TZP-A for ceramic femoral heads, Metoxit has made a decisive contribution to the establishment of the material as a pioneer in the industry.
Since the 1980s, we have been manufacturing ceramic components for medical implants in numerous fields of application. As class III medical devices, there is no compromise in the quality of endoprostheses. The world of ceramic materials is diverse in the field of medical technology. We have many years of expertise and a broad spectrum of manufacturing processes. In medical technology, we work with both aluminum oxides and zirconium oxides and are happy to advise our clients on the choice of the best material for their application. As a medical device manufacturer we are of course certified according to ISO 13485 and FDA 510(k).

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Surgical Instruments

Purity, bio-compatibility, sterilisability: Metoxit bio-ceramics meet the highest demands, even for surgical instruments. Whether cutting blades, forceps tips, clamps, tissue cutters or components of complex medical devices - Metoxit manufactures according to the clients drawings and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

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Veterinary Medicine

More and more people like to enable their pets a good and long life. With their high biocompatibility and at the same time high strength and wear resistance, our oxide ceramics are ideally suited for this purpose. Thanks to our experience and know-how in orthopaedics for human medicine, we offer the best conditions for the veterinary field.