Ceramics have been discussed about in dental implantology for decades. Thanks to advances in materials and manufacturing technology, ceramics is nowadays a highly suitable material for dental implants. The advantages of ceramics are numerous and include aesthetics, excellent biocompatibility, high strength, corrosion resistance to low thermal conductivity. The spectrum of implant design options is also broad in ceramics and includes one- and two-piece implants as well as hybrid implants.


This highly demanding material requires special processing expertise in order to exploit its full potential. Special attention must be paid not only to the choice of raw materials, but also to processing technology and implant design. As a pioneer in ceramic implantology, we are at your side with our extensive experience and competence. Even in the early phases of your project.


We manufacture various ceramic components for dental implantology, such as implants, abutments, root posts, instruments or semi-finished products, always on request and according to the instructions of our clients and in compliance with their individual needs. As a certified medical device manufacturer, we will of course provide you with the necessary documents for your registration. Would you like to expand your product portfolio with a ceramic implant? Launch your first implant and place it completely on ceramic? Or do you need top quality raw material for your own production? We look forward to hearing from you!