Z-CAD® Smile

Esthetic Zirconia

Z-CAD® smile - Esthetic Zirconia

49% translucency combined with optimal strength. Beauty in CAD/CAM. For selected anterior and posterior restorations.

If you are after biocompatible esthetics with high translucency and full-contour zirconia, you will automatically navigate towards our “smile”.
Z-CAD® smile our solution for all such cases. Veneers, inlays, onlays und overlays. Partial crowns, single crowns or bridges from 1-3 units in the anterior and important to point out: also in the posterior region. You can't ignore our esthetics. Cemented or screw-retained restorations - no wishes remain unfulfilled. The finished Z-CAD® Smile material is indicated for monolithic situations and can be designed even more individually with an equivalentzirconium veneering ceramic.

Z-CAD® Smile is available in white, 3 bleach and in the 16 Vita classical colors A1-D4*. The biocompatible high-performance zirconia corresponds to class 4 according to ISO 6872:2019. A characteristic strength of over 610 MPa (biaxial measurement). A translucency value of 49%. It is the esthetic solution for daily business in your dental laboratory. Z-CAD® Surface Liquid with dipping and brush infiltration is recommended for the customisation of white units.


Veneers2 Veneers3


Inlay Onlay Inlay Onlay2


Reduzierte Krone Reduzierte Krone2

partial crown

monolithische Krone Frontzahn monolithische Krone Frontzahn2

monolithic anterior crown

Monolithische Krone Seitenzahn2 Monolithische Krone Seitenzahn3

monolithic posterior crown

Hybrid Abutment Krone5 Hybrid Abutment Krone2

hybrid abutment crown

Monolithische Brucke 3 gliedrig Monolithische Brucke 3 gliedrig2

monolithic bridge (3 units)

Reduzierte Brucke 3 gliedrig Reduzierte Brucke 3 gliedrig2

framework (3 units)

Physical Properties

 Property Unit Z-CAD® Smile
Density (after sintering) g/cm3 6.04
WAK (25 - 500 °C) 10-6/K 10.6
bending strength* MPa > 610
translucency (1mm, D65) % 49
fracture toughness MPa√m 3.5
radioactivity Bq/kg ≤ 200
modulus of elasticity GPa < 200

*biaxial meausrement


Chemical Composition

Component Unit Quantity
ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2O3 wt% > 99.5
Y2O3 wt% 9.3
Al2O3 wt% 0.05
other oxides wt% ≤ 0.5