Z-CAD® One4All

The Flexible One

Z-CAD® One4All - The Flexible One

45% translucency combined with high strength. Adaptation in CAD/CAM. For all anterior and posterior restorations.

Here the name stands for itself. An all-rounder made of biocompatible high-performance zirconia, with even greater translucency and high strength. Stay flexible, one disc offering all solutions. Crowns, partial crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and bridges are indicated for this material. Bar constructions, superstructures and hybrid prostheses, the choice to mill it in one process is enormous. Screw or cement retaineed, your restoration will fulfil all your needs. The finished Z-CAD® One4All material can be finally inserted in the mouth as monolithic or veneered restoration. With an equivalentzirconium veneering ceramic, an even more individual design can be achieved. Alternatively, it can also be pressed over with zirconia press ceramic.

Z-CAD® One4All is a biocompatible high-performance zirconia available in white, three bleach shades or in the 16 Vita classical shades A1-D4* and complies with Class 5 of ISO 6872:2019. A characteristic strength of over 1000 MPa (biaxial measurement). A translucency value of 45%. The flexible solution for everyday laboratory work. For customisation of white substructures we recommend our Z-CAD® Surface Liquid. It is ideally suited for dipping and brush infiltration.


Veneers2 Veneers3


Inlay Onlay Inlay Onlay2


Reduzierte Krone Reduzierte Krone2

partial crown

monolithische Krone Frontzahn monolithische Krone Frontzahn2

monolithic anterior crown

Monolithische Krone Seitenzahn2 Monolithische Krone Seitenzahn3

monolithic posterior crown

Hybrid Abutment Krone5 Hybrid Abutment Krone2

hybrid abutment crown

Monolithische Brucke 3 gliedrig Monolithische Brucke 3 gliedrig2

monolithic bridge (3 units)

Monolithische Brucke 4 gliedrig Monolithische Brucke 4 gliedrig2

monolithic bridge (≥4 units)

Reduzierte Brucke 3 gliedrig Reduzierte Brucke 3 gliedrig2

framework (3 units)

Reduzierte Brucke 4 gliedrig Reduzierte Brucke 4 gliedrig2

framework (≥ 4 units)

Hybrid Abutment2 Hybrid Abutment3

hybrid abutment

Stege Stege2


Physical Properties

 Property Unit Z-CAD® One4All
Density (after sintering) g/cm3 6.06
WAK (25 - 500 °C) 10-6/K 10.8
bending strength* MPa > 1000
translucency (1mm, D65) % 45
fracture toughness  MPa√m 5
radioactivity Bq/kg ≤ 200
modulus of elasticity GPa < 200

*biaxial measurement


Chemical Composition

Component Unit Quantity
ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2O3 wt% > 99.5
Y2O3 wt% 6.9
Al2O3 wt% 0.05
other oxides wt% ≤ 0.5