Our Elder Zirconia


35% translucency combined with maximum strength. Experience with CAD/CAM. For anterior and posterior restorations.


The benefits of this biocompatible high-performance zirconia with reduced translucency speak for themselves. Discolored prepped teeth, metal or other posts and cores in the anterior and posterior regions can be successfully masked without compromising esthetics. A broad range of indications allows the dental technician of esthetic outcomes for all situations. For bar constructions, frameworks with large spans, superstructures, abutments, single crowns or 1-16 unit restorations - with Z-CAD® HD you are always on the safe side. This material is primarily recommended as a framework material for veneering with ceramic. Screw or cement retained, your restoration will fulfill all your needs.


Z-CAD® HD is extremely well suited for crowns, bridges, abutments, bars and constructions with large span widths. Metoxit AG would like to point out explicitly that the more esthetic solution is a morphology of the reduced shape of a natural tooth. The milled and devised substructure is then colored with the relevant liquid and after sintering is completed using equivalent veneering materials. Alternatively, Zirconia press-ceramic can be utilized.


Reduzierte Krone Reduzierte Krone2

partial crown

Hybrid Abutment Krone5 Hybrid Abutment Krone2

hybrid abutment crown

Reduzierte Brucke 3 gliedrig Reduzierte Brucke 3 gliedrig2

framework (3 units)

Reduzierte Brucke 4 gliedrig Reduzierte Brucke 4 gliedrig2

framework (≥ 4 units)

Hybrid Abutment2 Hybrid Abutment3

hybrid abutment

Stege Stege2


Physical Properties

 Property Unit Z-CAD® HD
Density (after sintering) g/cm3 6.08
WAK (25 - 500 °C) 10-6/K 10.9
bending strength* MPa > 1100
translucency (1mm, D65) % 35
fracture toughness MPa√m 5
radioactivity Bq/kg ≤ 200
modulus of elasticity GPa < 200

*biaxial measurement


Chemical Composition

Component Unit Quantity
ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2O3 wt% > 99.5
Y2O3 wt% 5.2
Al2O3 wt% 0.25
other oxides wt% ≤ 0.5